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loving Earth and Bozena


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It’s been more than three months since my last post and boy did a lot happen.  First of all, Bozena WAS born on March 8!  Like a true butterfly, she descended down my uterus in “only” 36 hours, but when she finally arrived her eyes gazed with wisdom and kindness; and she was precious, breathing life and shining with love.  But it wasn’t regular love that you feel with time and with conditions, it was IT, the meaning of life.  This branch that grew from me was already blooming with flowers that I breathed in like air.  This feeling of love is so indescribable that it needs a new name, and the name is Bozena.

She inspired me to begin my endeavor in making handmade, reused rugs and toys.  I call them antilandfills 🙂  I even made a Facebook page, so come and Like us!

Author: oyahuasca

love to love

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