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How I begin my blog

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This is how I begin my blog: waiting impatiently for the birth of someone I love, even before I met her.  Forget “love at first sight”, this is love at no sight!  My due date was 1st of March, but today is already the 4th!

It makes me wonder if she (yes, it is a she 🙂 ) is just like the groundhog Phil who saw his shadow last month and decided that there will be 6 more weeks of winter.  Or maybe she is just waiting for March 8.  It is the International Women’s Day, you know; a day that is very significant in the European culture, a day where all women are adorned with flowers, kisses, and gratitude.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile… here is Bozena’s first photo; I can already tell she will love to pose for pictures.

You hear that?  I guess this is the sound of my last days of quiet 🙂

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