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Love for owls

I have a strange love for all owls.  Ever since I was a child, I always found them fascinating.  Whether it is an animated movie or stuffed animals, I just love owls.  There is something mysterious about them being nocturnal and all, those big, dark eyes and patient stature that scarcely move during the night, the wonderful colors and the strange sounds that they make, and the fact that they are regarded as very intelligent.  Don’t you remember the owl from Winnie the Pooh?  Well, I had so much time on my hands today that I decided to make a stuffed animal for Bozena, specifically an owl!  I found this pattern online and improvised a bit to get it in the style and size that I wanted it to be.

This is what the owl from pattern is supposed to look like:

And this is what mine looks like:

What I did differently:

1.  I used a darker shade of blue since I know babies love contrast.

2.  I skipped making the wings and feet; they are probably going to fall off as soon as a baby starts grabbing things.

3.  I layered the flower with different types of fabric to give it volume and depth.  In addition, I added a little circle in the middle so it doesn’t look empty.

4.  I sewed on the ears.  For some reason my didn’t come out as pronounced as in the picture, so I just cut out my own triangles and sewed them on.

5.  I added the tail to the back to make it a bit more fun and lively from the other side :).

6.  And finally, because I hand stitched everything I think it made it look more organic and warm.  Plus, the red thread is a great way to highlight the beautiful parts of the owl, like the eyes.

Have a great day!

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My first garden

I have been planning to grow herbs and berries all year now.  I even ordered a gooseberry bush last autumn and because the growers don’t want you to ruin the plant on your first planting, ahem!, they send it to you at the time designated for that plant to be planted.  Whew!  That was a lot of “plant” in one sentence!  Well, my peppers arrived a while ago and were just hanging on a pin, waiting for the right time to be seeded, while my gooseberry bush only arrived today!  I took that as a sign to begin gardening on the balcony.

Since this is my first time seeding the herbs, I decided not to waste a ton of money on potting supplies.  I made this box out of a cardboard box for cloth diapers and used the extras to make the dividers for each type of seed that I will be planting.  So far, I have many free squares, so as I buy more seeds I will eventually fill all of them up.

Then I planted the rooted branch from the gooseberry bush that I received today.  I forgot how the plant itself is very thorny, so I ended up with a few pricks and scratches.  But in the end, it was quite beautiful!  Even my dog, Benya, liked it 🙂

At last, I used the leftover organic fertilizer to water my plants that needed a little “pick-me-up” from the dry, sunless, winter that exists in my house.  But don’t worry, they are now fully revived!

And this is a jasmine tree that my husband and I received as a wedding present.  It smells great in the summer, but in the winter it becomes pretty sad.  I was happy to give it some life 🙂

Well, it turned out to be a very productive day considering my due date has passed.  It was a great way to keep my mind off of it…

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How I begin my blog

This is how I begin my blog: waiting impatiently for the birth of someone I love, even before I met her.  Forget “love at first sight”, this is love at no sight!  My due date was 1st of March, but today is already the 4th!

It makes me wonder if she (yes, it is a she 🙂 ) is just like the groundhog Phil who saw his shadow last month and decided that there will be 6 more weeks of winter.  Or maybe she is just waiting for March 8.  It is the International Women’s Day, you know; a day that is very significant in the European culture, a day where all women are adorned with flowers, kisses, and gratitude.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile… here is Bozena’s first photo; I can already tell she will love to pose for pictures.

You hear that?  I guess this is the sound of my last days of quiet 🙂